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Marsha Woolley Ministries


Ministry in Angola, Africaspinning globe

Douglas Woolley was stationed in Lisbon, Portugal while working as a Systems Engineer and consultant to Portugal Telecom, the national telephone company. Under divine guidance, Doug met an apostolic brother by the name of Patricio from Luanda, Angola. After meeting Doug, Patricio invited him to be one of the key speakers to address the pastors and leaders in Luanda, Angola in September of 1999. Doug accepted the invitation after God had confirmed the direction to take.  Doug shared about Marsha's background and suggested that she could minister there also. After extending the invitation to Marsha by phone with Doug and accepting, Patricio was in tears that the daughter of the famous African missionary, William Lovick, would come to minister at the humble abode of Luanda, Angola upon the request of His humble servant. For one full week, Doug and Marsha were anointed of the Lord to share the Word of God in various settings.
Patricio robes   Angola tent
President of conference, Doug, Marsha, Apostle Patricio Nsingi   Approximately 150 pastors and leaders gathered for daily and nightly meetings under a tent.

Angola Marsha
Marsha and her translator.
Angola kids
Doug and Marsha with the many children that live on the street. Some were children of those who attended the conference but many others were children who could not afford to go to school.

Doug and Marsha in robes Angola altar

Doug was invited to share at an early morning church service. Each weekday at 6:30 a.m., the church gathered together.  Doug shared and preached his testimony on the first morning and then was asked to preach for the next two mornings as well. This young church of about 6 months was ready for the evangelistic message that he clearly presented. Over 45 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ at the altar call. This was one of the high points of the trip.

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Ministry in Caracas, Venezuela

While Doug was working in Caracas, Venezuela (in 2000) as a Systems Engineer, the Lord opened doors for both him and Marsha to minister. Marsha became a popular speaker in Iglesia Pentecostal Apostolica Evangelica, pastored by Ian Achong. Marsha was asked to conduct their first Women's Seminar and it was one of the best attended events that they have had. The Spirit was moving in their midst. Ian's daughter, Nini, often translated for Marsha.

Nini, Marsha
Ian, Doug, Marsha
Marsha, Doug, Nora, Pastor Ian
Ian, Marsha
Andrais (Doug's translater),
Doug, Marsha, Nora & Ian
Nini, Marsha
Marsha had opportunities to address the whole assembly. The Lord anointed her illustrations as she shared the Word of God. Prayer time was extra special.

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Ministry in Hong Kong (June 2001)

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